SicChíc® Charity Involvement

Teaming Up in the Fight Against Cancer

Chances are you already know of someone dealing with, survived or passed away from breast cancer. Maybe it’s your mom, sister, grandmother, a friend or celebrity. Maybe you are a newly diagnosed young woman, or a 10-year survivor. Breast cancer and cancer in general has become so prevalent in this country and is not a disease of the old any longer. Every day I hear of newly diagnosed young women and men with this disease in their early thirties and forties. Young parents that should be enjoying their families are being side tracked with this horrible diagnosis.

Even if you don’t know of someone directly affected with this disease, chances are you will be confronted with cancer on some level during your lifetime. Despite the increase; doctors and scientists don’t have any clear answers to the reason behind the rise in new cases among the young. Living on Long Island, I have seen a sky-rocketing of cases around my area. It has become more common place to know of a friend, family member or coworker with this disease. I myself am a survivor.

SicChíc® and Moms Who Kick® Inc. (MWK)—Joanne Hutchins are working very closely with Dr. George Raptis, Acting Director of the North Shore -LIJ Cancer Institute, at the Monter Cancer Center. Together in 2015 we proudly donated $2,000.00 directly to breast cancer research. MWK and Sicchic Wendy Jarva are funding studies being conducted by Dr. Raptis' team of scientists at NS-LIJ. We are very excited about the ground breaking research!!! Through out the year we will be sending updates about the research. If you would like to read more information about Dr. Raptis click here.

Brought some new and interesting connections and directions. In the beginning of the New Year, I crossed paths with President and Founder of Moms Who Kick® Inc. (MWK)—Joanne Hutchins. Joanne is extremely talented as well and together we have come up with some really creative ideas on how to further generate money for research. Research that is currently being conducted over at North Shore L.I.J.

SicChíc® opened and began donating 10% of it's net profit to STOP CANCER: The Marni Fund. Marni Levine was a 4th degree black belt in Krav Maga and was the highest-ranking female instructor in the world. Marni passed away in 2006 after a long battle with breast cancer. Marni's husband Darren Levine created this fund in memory of his beautiful wife.

2013 - 2014.
I held the position of Co-Survivor Chair at ACS—Relay for Life. I was also a team captain and a guest speaker on the night of relay. Sharing my own personal story and experience.