Testimonials for SicChíc®

Kelly, Amazon Customer

"This rashguard top fits EXACTLY as I expected! I love it, and I plan to buy more! Great product! I am about 5'7" and have a 170lb athletic build. I was concerned that the chest and upper sleeves might be uncomfortably tight, and that it might ride up. However it wasn't overly tight anywhere, and the shirt length was good enough to not make it ride up! Perfect! :)"

Amazon Customer

"Love this rash guard! I bought this to help with gi and mat burns. The material feels amazing and the design is gorgeous. I ordered the black/white and I am very pleased with the looks and performance of this rash guard. I would recommend to anyone training in martial arts to add this to your arsenal of gear."


"FINALLY BJJ spats made to fit women. Nice wide waist band totally controls muffin top/pooch, they don't move or ride up into the nether regions. Some reviewers said the spats were see through, but they have a white underlay which can make them appear sheer when you push your hand against it. I didn't think they were sheer, but I wear seamless undies under them anyway because I am more comfortable with them. They are nice and slick, don't pill at the knee, and they have room in the legs. I am 5'7'', 145 and the fit is not a compression feel on me--but not baggy either. Just right! You should grab these NOW--support women businesses that support women in MMA."


"I love my SicChíc® spats! They fit great (as expected from the size chart) and they look cool. I bought the mat monster spats and the galaxy spats and would recommend them to ladies that are looking for full-length spats. The price also makes these spats a steal as most of the ones I found were in the $60-$70 price-range and were either 1/4 length or 3/4 length."

Heather Mason

"Amazing fit! I was very hesitant to order spats online, as I prefer trying things on *always* before buying, but these have been extremely pleasing! It has all the right cling, the right give, and it definitely does not budge from important places. I was very happy with the purchase, and will be purchasing more from this seller."

Desiree Rivas

"Love these spats! Colors and graphics are eycatching. Wide band at waist keeps them in place while offering good support. I ordered a size up because sublimated graphics tend to lighten when stretched, which is NOT the case with these."


"These are great spats! I use them under my gi and for no gi jiu jitsu. They stay put better than any other spats I have owned... I think it's because of the wide, dense, high waistband. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because they are see through. I wear tudos or shorties underneath, and for no gi I feel more comfortable pairing them with some fight shorts. I know some other reviews mentioned that these were not at all see through, but even if mine are unstretched and laying on the chair, I can see through them. The material is light, very stretchy and slick. I haven't noticed any pilling or problems with stitching. I wash mine once or twice a week, and as long as they are clean, choose them over any of my other spats for jiu jitsu. I choose more opaque spats or leggings if I will be in the weight room though."

Angie B.

"The material is nice thickness and the colors are vivid. I'm 5'4" 147lbs, athletic build w large quads and calves. Not see thru but not overly hot. I haven't been able to train/grapple in them yet because I'm out of town but I wore them to run in and did a 3 hour road trip in them, they stay up and are comfortable. I'll be keeping an eye out for more colors/designs."


"Great product. My daughter loves it."

Leon Jackson

"I have to take second to thank SicChíc® for all of their help with designing the Vegan Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard!

"SicChíc®is truly amazing when it comes to their craft. They are always polite, professional, and available when I had questions or concerns. SicChíc® cares greatly about their product, often providing advice from personal experiences.

"Customers have been providing great feedback regarding their rash guard purchases. They've stated they're extremely comfortable, helps to keep you cool during training and wicks away perspiration fast!

"I highly recommend SicChíc® and their line of workout apparel if you're considering ordering personal BJJ gear."

Tania Arens
Tae Kwon Do Instructor

"I just visited your site, and WOW! What an amazing woman you are, Wendy! Thank you for all you are doing to not just bring awareness to breast cancer through your struggle, but for helping women to know that no matter what they face, strong is beautiful—we don't have to be barbie dolls anymore. Your story resonates with me as I lost a close friend of mine (another tae kwon do practitioner) in 2009 in very much the same way. Getting hit in the boob made her aware of a problem, but her doctor also poo-poo'd it saying it was just a cyst. She had me feel it, and it was hard and hot to the touch and I made her push to get a biopsy. Long story short, we still lost her. It was aggressive, and there would appear to be a genetic defect in her family. Two months prior to her death we lost her older sister to the same thing, and her younger sister is so far surviving ovarian cancer (even though her testing was negative). I'm attending my friend's eldest daughter's graduation open house tomorrow, because the daughter remembers me as part of something very important to her mom. So, thank you for all you do. I will definitely be ordering some things, just not sure what yet. God bless you and yours."

John Givens
Director, Good Fight Submission Only Tournament Series (North Division)
Jiu-Jitsu Instructor—Self Defense America

"I have been a fan, follower and supporter of SicChíc® since I was introduced to their product line at a Good Fight Jiu-jitsu Tournament in New York. SicChíc®'s drive to develop a BJJ company that is both successful and one that gives back to support cancer awareness, research and funding is amazing.

"As an academy teacher (www.selfdefenseamerica.com) and jiu-jitsu player, I have always sought out jiu-jitsu designed fightwear and SicChíc® does not disappoint. Their attention to details in areas such as fit, closures and comfort provide me and my academy students with a quality look and gear that inspires confidence.

I would highly recommend SicChíc® for both their off-the-shelf designs as well as their custom artwork orders."

Katherine Grasshopper
Mixed Martial Artist

"Absolutely love them! I wore the outfit to training tonight to see how it felt. Incredible. The shirt didn't roll up once and that's always a problem because I hate tucking shirts in. And the pants allowed complete flexibility. I even threw some ax kicks during sparring and had no problem. Top of the line fight clothing and I will recommend it to all the parents at both my BJJ gym and MG Muay Thai gym."

Invicta FC Athlete JJ Aldrich

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing fight outfit you designed for me. It came out better then I could of imagined I absolutely loved it!!!! ‪#‎SicchicRocks”

Cassie "Sassy" Rodish
Invicta FC Athlete

"I was just recently introduced to Wendy by a long time local sponsor. What draws me to Wendy is her amazing story and fighting heart. She is striving to make a HUGE difference in the way we look at cancer. The few moments I have had a chance to talk to her she is already changing my life. She is a fighter not only in the gym, but in life. I have been encouraging all my friends, family and WMMA family to reach out to her and send her warm wishes."

Chris Cope
Mixed Martial Artist

"My name is Chris Cope and I compete in the 170 lbs division in MMA. I have fought for Strikeforce and the UFC. I was also a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter Season 13, team Brock Lesnar. SicChíc®'s Mat Monster Spats are amazing!!!! I have tried a lot of Spats and theirs are by for some of the best. Try a pair and you will love them. Woooooooo!!!!!!!"

Jason Adams
OWNER/CO-HOST at Promoting Real Women Radio, Owner-Operator at Promoting Women In Bodybuilding Fitness and MMA and Media at NAAFS Cage Fighting

"I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. People are put in each other's lives for a reason. Since we first met, I think we clicked, partially because I think we have the same mindset, same reason we do what we do. Since that time, you have made it so my girls wear the best gear in the world for their fights, went out of your way this past weekend to help Steph, and you have introduced me to an incredibly amazing woman in New York. I only hope I have in return helped you in some way. You are a special person, someone I consider one of my best friends and someone I become more thankful for each day, even when you call me Brady lol. We both have goals, both have things we wanna accomplish, and working together, I have no doubt all those goals will be achieved."

Avid Talent Management

"It's so frustrating dealing with unprofessional companies....it seems like more & more companies are unprofessional that's why i love dealing with SicChíc® Fight Wear LLC because they are easy to deal with & professional."

Matthew Herron
Owner, selfdefenseamerica.com

"Great gear... Great company. At our school, Self Defense America we use SicChíc® for all our fight gear. Great quality and delivered on time. We could not ask for a better company to work with and we proudly rock the SicChíc® logo on all our fight gear. Thanks SicChíc®!"

Amy Montenegro
Professional Athlete

"Make sure you check out the awesome clothing line SicChíc® Fight Wear LLC on Amazon.com! I love love love the outfit they made for me. The shorts don't ride or bunch up like many others do. The waist band is also flattering and doesn't cut in to your sides. 5 stars!"

Evan Flores
Host of "JiuJitsuism," Brazilian Jiu Jitsu podcast on the mentality, lifestyle, and sport commentary

"It's very rare that I find someone who takes martial arts off the mats and into the rest of their life. I would love to have SicChíc® on my Podcast to discuss the progress from artist to martial artist back to artist again. That would be fascinating."

Dudley Robinson
Owner of Pro Supplements Nation (prosupplementsnation.com/)

"Starting 2015 with a complete re-branding which goes way further than the changing of a logo, thanks to SicChíc®. Honored to be selected for her promotion."

Samuel Doughty
Owner/Driver, MMAROADHOG Racing

"SicChíc® is truly an amazing business! If I was up against you for Sponsor of the Year—I would want you to have it. You do amazing work and I am honored to not only support you, but I am very honored to be driving for SicChíc® Fight Wear."

James Johnson

"HUGE SHOUT OUT to SicChíc® for OUR NEW cover!!! The entire sport of MMA was built by people who were willing to help each other!!! VERY PLEASED to know that WE still have people willing to help others who are on their way UP!!!"

David Adams
SicChíc Customer

"Johnny Goodfight didn't lie, I am loving my new spats from SicChíc®! Shout out to SicChíc® for the awesome fit—get yours at shop.sicchic.com."

Christina Myers
Jiu- Jitsu player, Kalamazoo, MI

"New gear came in, excited to use it! Thanks SicChíc®. BJJ/MMA ladies should check out SicChíc®, clothes designed by a woman who trains! Fits great and I LOVE the design."

Product Review Update, one year later:
"I've been using your spats and rash guards every day for training for over a year now and everything is holding up extremely well. Just wanted to say thanks for the great products and that if anyone was wondering how your gear holds up over time with a lot of abuse (I train at least 4x a week), then they shouldn't be worried. Not only is it great material (thinner and smoother than my Tatami rash guard), but it's beautiful (I feel great in my matching and decorative outfits, got lots of compliments). Hope you're having a great new year, just wanted to let you know how much I still love your rash guards, spats and shorts!"

Arnold Hall
CEO of airloopglovering.com

"Your company inspires in so many great ways! The passion for doing good things in the world is so easy to see from your group. Just so nice to see. Thank you all."

Annie Lupka

"Just received your SoulFire spats yesterday. They are fantastic! The fit is perfect and they are so stylish! Can't wait to wear them to no gi!"

Christian Hipsky
Pastor of Outreach and Environment, Chesapeake Christian Fellowship,
Davidsonville, MD

We commissioned SicChic® to set up and print t-shirts for the youth group at our church, Chesapeake Christian Fellowship. SicChíc® is knowledgable and thorough and when we sent over files, SicChíc® looked over them and made the necessary adjustments to ensure that the quality of the prints would be on point.

The job was done in a reasonable time frame without any endless checks and rechecks or major delays. The shirts were shipped, packaged and sent straight to us and we had no problems with the sizing, quantities or printing itself.

Having had a few weeks to 'break them in' the shirts are durable, true to size and a big hit wherever we go!

Thank you for a hassle-free transaction and a willingness to keep us informed of where we were in the process from start to finish.

I will definitely use SicChic® again!

Stacey Boos
SicChíc® Model, Personal Trainer and Owner, Boos' Brick Fit House

"I have known Wendy Jarva for close to ten years. When she first approached me about modeling for SicChíc®—I was very excited!! I have been involved in fitness for over twenty years now—but this would be my first experience in being a 'fitness model.' SicChíc® is a brand that is so empowering and edgy and connected with such strong, inspiring words—Strength, Integrity and Courage. I also love being affiliated with a brand that is so focused on charity and research for breast cancer. Just the fact that she is giving 10% of her net profit (on each purchase) to Stop Cancer: The Marni Fund really speaks volumes about the brand and the CEO behind it. This is a charity that I fully support and hits very, very close to home for me. My mother has been a long time survivor of breast cancer. I myself have been going for a mammograms and sonograms—together—since I was thirty. This brand appeals to ladies like myself—beautiful women inside and out—who enjoy hard core training. The ladies who are willing to go that extra mile to achieve their personal best. Thank you Wendy Jarva for creating a brand that truly represents the Heart and Soul of a True Warrior. SicChíc®."

SoulFire Ziems,
SicChíc® Model, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach—ignitethesoulfire.com

"Wendy came in wearing a baseball hat, sporting a very short hairstyle. Her energy was very calm, focused and determined. Shortly after we became fast friends as we discovered our paths and our visions are congruent. Wendy, quite frankly, just amazes me. She didn't just survive breast cancer, she is thriving, bringing her dream life to fruition. As that was not enough, she took her metamorphic experience and uses it everyday to help and inspire others to do the same. The well of love and giving of this woman is endless. Wendy, to me, has the heart of a true warrior. SicChíc® is not just about herself, she has the passion, tenacity, and courage to make a lasting positive change for the good of all mankind."

"I am proud to be affiliated with a brand that sends such a powerful message. Wear her gear in pride and in strength."

Fred Stein
Berckly and Quirini

"There are far too few businesses that have a social issue built into the business model. While Wendy naturally wishes her business to be successful for it's own sake, even more importantly she is hoping it's successful so that she can hopefully make a difference in other people's lives. Good luck Wendy. We wish you great success in both your business and in your fight to help change people's lives."

Laura Peragallo

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy Jarva for over 25 years. Professionally, we have collaborated on many projects over the years of our friendship. I have come to depend on her graphic skills to create original art as well as her talents as a photographer. She is always professional, reliable and exceptionally creative. Wendy has an artist’s eye, something that can’t be learned but that is inherent, that she draws upon in all that she does."

"Besides being an excellent visual artist, Wendy has an inner strength and sense of dedication that one doesn’t find very often. I’ve seen the intense passion that she has put into SicChíc® and I feel honored to be a part of her business by creating her custom website. Wendy never shrinks away from any obstacle or set back. They only seem to steel her resolve to overcome whatever might get in her path of seeing her vision become realized. She’s on a mission to see her business become successful, but she also believes it can serve a higher purpose. Her own experience with cancer has led her to devote her time, effort, talents, and money to charities that fund research. She is an inspiration to all that know her and hear her story."