NAGA: Battle at the Beach

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NAGA: Battle at the Beach. Wildwood, New Jersey.


Featured above is newly promoted Brand Ambassador -Layla Newton in a Sicchicarmy rash guard.

Layla was receiving a final pep talk from her coach Eddy Torres from Team Taino. 


It was an exciting day in Wildwood, New Jersey on August 6th. While many kids were building sand castles on the beach and enjoying the Jersey Shore - Sicchicfighter's were inside the Wild Wood convention center battling it out on the mats! These kids are not your average 9 - 14 year olds. They may look cute, but the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" comes to mind. These girls were on fire! Ripping arm bars, triangle chokes, and Kimora's. They were a beautiful group of Deadly Diva's!  

Below to the left, we have Izabella Frezzo. She is one of our very first Brand Ambassador's. Bella has been an ambassador of the brand for over three year's now and was our very first child to represent the company.  Bella was competing in Sicchic's "Venus Fly Trap" rash guard and "Pretty Bad Ass" Neon green matching tudo's. Bella is "bad ass" for sure! Another one of Sicchic Brand Ambassadors' that was also competing that day was Ms. Mona Bailey. Most know her as "Bald Strong Mona". Her name is exactly what she is. Bald and strong. Mona, has a very touching tradition. Before she step's on the mat she always gives her dad/coach a kiss on the cheek.  Mona is a very seasoned athlete and it showed in her performance on the mat. Mona won every fight by submission.

The last picture from this group we have Sophie " The dog" Sharp. This was Sophie's very first time competing at NAGA in Wild Wood . She was featured in Sicchic's Supershirt and Superspats. Sophie is pretty new to the jiu-jitsu scene and has under a year of training. She originally comes from a Taekwondo back ground, but has recently fell in love with jiu-jitsu. Sophie is very dedicated to the sport and has bumped up her training since this event. She is working very hard to be one of Sicchic's brand ambassador's and I have no doubt she will be very soon.

In the beginning of the week, the podcast Cage Side Submission did a special on children athletes and Sophie was one of the athletes' interviewed.

You can listen to that podcast here:

Cage Side Submissions

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Featured Athletes: Izabella Frezzo, Mona Bailey, Layla Newton, Sophie Sharp, Ava Bradshaw, Peython Brining.



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