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THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION FOR MARTIAL ARTS Trade show and Expo was held on January 26th - 28th.

 It contained an array of interesting people, talents, disciplines and products for the MMA world.  With our vibrant colored fightwear Sicchic sparkled like a diamond in the ruff. Through out the day seminars were ongoing with legends like Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Cynthia Rothrock, Wing Chun Master, Sifu Samuel Kwok, actor/martial artist Don "the Dragon" Wilson and former UFC legend - Dan “The Beast” Severn. Dan could be seen silently popping his head through the red curtain to see what was going on over in our booth. Sales and fun were ongoing through out the event.  We shared a few laughs with Dan and enjoyed his company as our table neighbor.

*Sicchic’s booth in Atlantic City at the famous Tropicana hotel.


Dan “The Beast” Severn checking out Sicchic's

Superspats and Supershirt

Sunday was the all day grappling event with cash prizes hosted by UGA - United Grappling Association. Our young athlete, Sophie “The Dog” Sharp showed off her double gold trophies from her gi and no-gi wins.  Little Sophie Dog put up a great fight showing off the many hours of mat time she has been putting in over the course of a year.  Sophie is a gold star example of the many hardworking, respectful, and talented athletes that Sicchic sponsors. 

As Sicchic continues to expand and travel to events all over the United States, our Sicchicarmy of badass women, men, and children continues to grow and advance in the mixed martial arts community.  Sicchic stands for strength, integrity and courage.

Article by Lauren Levine 


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