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Sicchic®  Screen Print Tudos 

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Sicchic® Vale tudos. *Model featured in product is Invicta FC Athlete Shannon Sinn. *Shannon is wearing a size medium *pink sold out!

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SicChic® new "Pretty Bad Ass" tudos are screen printed with black type and bright bold colors. They feature the word "Pretty Bad Ass" on the butt.

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Photo credit : Victor Manuel photography

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NEW for *2018 SicChic® "Pretty Bad Ass" tudos * Model: Sophie "The Dog" Sharp is 11 yrs old, 4' 4 " 68 pds and featured in a YOUTH MEDIUM *Matches the Sicchic "Cage Cutie" Bra

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 SicChic® "Little, butt FIERCE" tudos *Only youth sizes available *Matches the Sicchic "Cage Cutie" Bra

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