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This line of yoga pants was inspired by modern day yogini; Soulfire. Soulfire is very bold, warm, and colorful. I feel like I captured her essence in these beautifully designed pants. * Child model in youth small * Pattern is slightly different in pink than shown.  * LIMITED SIZES IN BLUE 

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Tribal Heart Rash Guard by SicChic® CLEARANCE

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Sicchic®  Screen Print Tudos 

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SicChic® "Soul of a Warrior" Board Shorts CLEARANCE

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"Under Gi Capri" by SicChic® was designed to wear under your Kimono. It is very soft and comfortable. 

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Mat Monster Ranked Spats by SicChic®

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SicChic® STRENGTH & INTEGRITY Approx. 4 INCH circular embroidered patch. * FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ACCESSORY WITH CODE: FREE123

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"Mat Monster" Rash guard by SicChic® *Adult model featured in a small.  She is 5' 8" and 130 pds *Child model featured in a youth medium

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BRING YOUR GAME TO A NEW LEVEL!   These UNISEX compression pants are in a class of it's own. Constructed for high performance training, while keeping you dry and comfortable. The new game changer for nogi!! * Child model featured in a youth small super spat      She is 4' 4" and weighs 62 lbs SIZE CHART

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"The Phoenix" by Sicchic® These ranked rash guard's feature the mythical phoenix bird that is associated with rebirth and change. All original artwork by artist Wendy L. Jarva. *Sicchic's Brand Ambassador Mona Bailey is featured in a women's small

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SicChic® brings cutting edge design and fun once again to the mats with the Venus Fly Trap. SicChic® fighters are already known to be some of the most carnivorous on the mats, entrapping their victims in many types of submissions.

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