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"The Phoenix Army" Spat by Sicchic® These compression pants are constructed for high performance training, while supporting and smoothing your curves. Spats will retain their shape and color even after multiple washes!

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The Phoenix - Sicchicarmy by Sicchic® These ranked rash guard's feature the mythical phoenix bird that is associated with rebirth and change. All original artwork by artist Wendy L. Jarva. The Phoenix design was inspired by young jiu-jitsu athlete Julie Payet

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Super Shirt by SicChic® by designer and artist Wendy L. Jarva * New stocked has arrived!!! *Child model is featured in a youth size medium. She weighs 62 pounds and is 4' 4"

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* New for 2017 SicChic® brings cutting edge design and fun once again to the mats with the Venus Fly Trap. SicChic® fighters are already known to be some of the most carnivorous on the mats, entrapping their victims in many types of submissions. Lesson learned is never judge a book by its cover. #cuteanddeadly

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 Sicchic®  Basic Black board shorts * Child model featured in size a youth small size 24Available in sizes Youth XS Small (waist 20) to XXL (waist 38) Adult

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