Sicchic sponsored athlete- Jillian "Lionheart" DeCoursey returns to the cage on December 16th

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Jillian "Lionheart" DeCoursey returns to the cage December 16th will be fighting for the USMTA 105 pound title. Plot twist.......... She isn't actually a lion, so if you planned to tune in for some kind of weird jungle beast fight, I apologize for bursting your bubble. But I hear there is a popular social media video of a dude throwing down with a kangaroo, so perhaps you can search that and watch.

Jillian is coming off of a decision victory in her last fight with Marisa Messer-Belenchia, a fight I myself have been given rave reviews of from some pretty important people in the sport. While it was a tough test, it was a test Jillian passed and came one step closer to her dream, stepping into the Invicta FC cage. Now she faces another test as she faces off with Lindsey VanZandt in defense of the previously mentioned title. 

Let's talk a little about Jillian, the BJJ brown belt. Brown belt.... brown, while an ugly color, is a sign of being really good, as anyone with even the slightest knowledge can tell you. When Jillian decides she wants the fight on the ground, it is going to the ground, and you will go down harder and faster than Ashton Kutcher's acting career. Coincidentally, while she has you on the ground, you might feel as though you are on an episode of Punk'd, as you try and figure out how some 105 pound girl is able to be that strong and keep you there. Unlike Kutcher's acting career, Demi Moore will not be there to save you. Jillian is not one dimensional. She can get the submission on the ground or she can ground and pound, in other words, she is active, that makes her hard to prepare for, hard to defend, because you don't know what she is going to do. So as you lay there, knowing you are in trouble, perhaps Celine Dion singing "My Heart Will Go on" enters your head, you know the end is near, feeling like the Titanic, knowing you are about to go down and Jack Dawson is not there to save you, you are left to wonder only if it's your arm, head or leg that is about to get hurt.

But wait...... there's more. Jillian isn't just Jiu-Jitsu. There is a part two, and we aren't talking National Lampoons European Vacation part two, where you were disappointed considering how good the first one was, no, this part two is awesome. It's it's own movie, you can call it Lionheart Part 2: The Stand-Up. Like any fighter who starts out with Jiu-Jitsu, the stand-up is going to lack at first, and must be worked on and improved, because you can't be one dimensional. Jillian has done just that, as each fight progresses you see more and more of her improved stand=up game. And she doesn't use it just as a backup plan in case she can't get you down, she enjoys standing and banging and has gotten quite good at it, to where it's just a regular part of her game. Her last couple fights have been wars, she's come out with battle scars, but she has won, she has won, winning the fights at what is perceived as not being her specialty. It's like when Ben Stiller decides to do a movie that isn't comedy, so he branches out and does drama, the only difference being Jillian is actually good at what she's branching out into. 

Wait a minute, there is a third part, to quote Randy in Scream "That is the third part of a trilogy, rare in the horror genre, but it does exist". I know, I know, this isn't a horror movie, but really, ask yourself, what's scarier, a 105 pound fighter beating the hell out of you, or a dude in a hockey mask walking at a mild pace in the woods as he chases you? Maybe a bad example, but not really, cause in that case, you know if you are a good looking woman who doesn't sin, you have a good chance at being the survivor in that case, but not with Jillian. So what is part three? The clinch! That is the part where Jillian holds on tight against the cage, you feel like you are in a little phone booth, nowhere to run or hide, wishing there was a crime and Superman would need to come change into red underwear and blue pajamas to go be a hero and the phone booth will open. She holds you and knees you, punches you, thinks of her next move, and once again Celine Dion pops into your head. You wonder if you will be the old lady at the end who survived the Titanic's sinking or if you are gonna be Jack being told she'll never let go..... as she let's go of you. 

See, that's the nice thing about Jillian, she gives you options on how you might want your demise. Ever see Freddy Kruger say "pick how you wanna die". No, he just waits for you to dream and kills you. Did Scarface ever ask you where you wanted to be shot? No, he just shot you. Did the final two seasons of Roseanne give you any options? No, they just bored you to death however they wanted. Jillian is more like the game Clue. Each time you play, there is a different outcome. We know it's Jillian and we know it's in the cage, but we never know how. 

Most women's MMA experts agree that a win here should and will be enough to get her in that Invicta FC cage, so this may be your last chance to see her in her amateur career, your chance to say "I saw her before she was famous". So don't miss this one. 

Article by Jason Adams


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