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SicChic® Warrior Women Kimono  *Adult Model is featured in a W2 is 5'4" and 118- 120 lbs

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This line of yoga pants was inspired by modern day yogini; Soulfire Ziems. Soulfire is very bold, warm, and colorful. I feel like I captured her essence in these beautifully designed pants. * Child model in youth small * Pattern is slightly different in pink than shown.  Ignite the Soulfire at .dpuf 

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Tribal Heart Rash Guard by SicChic®

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SicChic® Elite Scorpion Rash Guard * children's sizes *child model is 12 and 79 pounds. She is featured in a child's xl.

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Sicchic®  Screen Print Tudos 

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SicChic® "Rio" board shorts *Limited Quantities ** 2016 CLEARANCE SHORTS MATCH SICCHIC SOLID YELLOW BRA and Yellow "Underdogs rise" Rashie

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SicChic® "Soul of a Warrior" Board Shorts **2016 Clearance

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SicChic® Who wants to Roll Rash Guard is based on 10th planet purple belt Fireball Tori Applegate. ***2016 CLEARANCE  ***LIMITED QUANTITIES ..DISCONTINUED

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"Under Gi Capri" by SicChic® was designed to wear under your Kimono. It is very soft and comfortable. Can match with the sports bra for a complete set. 

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Mat Monster Ranked Spats by SicChic® *KIDS SIZES *Matching Ranked Rash Guards

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